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Caregiver Population on the Rise in the US

Did you know that an estimated 19 percent of the adult US population are designated as “caregivers”?

This equates to 39.9 million caregivers nationwide. Some sources have it as high as 33 percent of the adult population or up to 70 million caregivers nationwide. This is considerable, since the adult population is currently at approximately 210 million.

Source: Statista

Data can help identify many trends. GB Insights wanted to explore the state of caregivers in the US, and it determined that one of the largest growing markets for caregivers may not be widely considered as a potential opportunity by marketers.

Consider the number of caregivers in the state of Florida.

Source: Caregiver dynamics in the State of Florida – Statista Desk Search

There are 21 million adults in Florida, and the number of caregivers in Florida is estimated to range from 7 to 9 million adult caregivers. This suggests that 33 percent, while some reports have it up to 42 percent, of the adult Florida market are considered caregivers.

Florida is the third largest state in overall caregiver populations, representing 10 to 13 percent of all caregivers nationwide.

This number will continue to grow suggesting that new programs will be needed to help support caregivers in Florida and nationwide.

Startling facts:  Source: Statista

  • Florida is ranked as the fastest growing state in the country…with millennial adults moving to Florida at the greatest rate
  • Close to 60% of Florida caregivers are either Millennials or Baby Boomers
  • The average age of a caregiver is estimated at 49 years of age
  • Approximately 63% of caregivers are either parents, spouses, or adult children
  • 69% of all caregivers say they have handled administrative bills, including medical bills for their loved ones
    • Of those who are handling bills, 48% of those are over 40 years of age and have mentioned bill paying as a task
  • 4 million Floridian caregivers alone help those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Marketers across the US should be focusing on various new business models to support caregivers. Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that this under-marketed segment is a prime target for innovative entrepreneurs to cater to.

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